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Shiny Silver 40 Piece Boxed Kit

Shiny Silver 40 Piece Boxed Kit

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Introducing Joy By Boxed Kits – Your Shiny Silver, 40-Piece Ornament Collection!
Hello Holiday Enthusiasts! Are you ready to deck the halls with style, grace, and a sprinkle of silver shimmer? Say hello to your new festive favorite: The Joy By Boxed Kits Shiny Silver Ornament Set. We’ve designed this kit with the busy, décor-lover in mind, making it a breeze to transform your home into a sparkling winter wonderland.
Our 40-piece set isn’t just about quantity — each piece promises uncompromised quality and a dazzling shiny silver finish that's sure to light up any room. Crafted from durable, shatterproof materials, these ornaments combine the elegance of glass with the practicality of plastic. So, go ahead, decorate without a worry!
We know that variety is the spice of life, which is why our kit includes a delightful mix of shapes and sizes. From sleek shuttles to classic globes and twinkling stars, your tree will not only look unique but utterly enchanting. And the best part? They’re super easy to hang. Each ornament comes ready to be displayed with pre-attached string cut to the perfect length.
Setting up for the holidays can often feel like a monumental task, but with Joy By, it's as painless as pouring a warm coco! Our ornaments come neatly packed in a sturdy, attractive box, making storage, pulling out, and decorating straightforward and joyful. Spend less time untangling and more time unwrapping presents and singing carols.
More than just ornaments, our Joy By Boxed Kits are built to last through many holiday seasons.




5 Shiny Silver Shuttle Ornament
5 Textured Ball Ornaments
5 Small Shuttle Ornaments
5 Shiny Silver Onion Ornaments
5 Silver & White Star Ornaments
5 Shiny Silver Finial Ornaments
5 Shiny Silver Reindeer
5 Shiny Silver Ball Ornaments

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