Collection: Mixed Metals

Step into the enchanting world of JOYBY's Mixed Metals Collection, where each product is designed to evoke warm sentiments and inspire celebration.

From the Glitter Star Topper that radiates festive cheer to the Gold Tinsel Velvet Ribbon that wraps your gifts with elegance, every item is designed to evoke sentimental moments and elevate your holiday decor. Adorn your tree with the whimsical Oversized Pearlized Butterfly and the timeless Star Ornament with Gold Glitter Stripes, while adding a modern flair with the Geometric Pattern Ball Ornament.

Let our offerings serve as companions on your journey to finding joy in the extraordinary moments that make life truly special. Join us in celebrating the magic of the season, as we share in the joy, companionship, and celebration that define the essence of JOYBY.